FISL (Iceland)

The Icelandic Contemporary Photography Association (ICPA, or FISL in Icelandic) aims to create a forum for discussing and exploring the photographic medium as an art form. The association was founded in 2007 and has 22 members who have since participated in numerous exhibitions and events in Iceland and internationally.

ISSP (Latvia) 

Association ISSP is a non-commercial education and networking platform for photographers in Latvia and internationally, that works to offer high-quality alternative education for young photographers and to encourage the cross-border exchange of ideas in the art of photography. Since its establishment in 2006, ISSP has yearly run the International Summer School of Photography, curated a number of exhibitions, produced six catalogues, initiated several international education and exchange projects, established a contemporary photography education programme in Latvia, and, most importantly, gathered a thriving community of emerging photographers in Latvia and abroad – ISSP students and teachers come from over 25 countries.


GAPO (Turkey)

Geniş Açı Project Office (GAPO) was founded at the beginning of 2007, based on the experience and expertise of Geniş Açı Photography Magazine, which was published between 1997-2006. GAPO is an organizational and curatorial team working in coordination with both national and international art institutions to organize exhibitions, workshops and educational programmes and publish books, as well as providing advice for photographers, coordinating traveling exhibitions and parallel events, and giving advanced level lectures in the field of photography.

MAIOCLARO (Portugal)

MAIOCLARO is a non-governmental and non-profit organization of young artists in photography, video and design with the objective of directing decision-making on community development towards creativity. MAIOCLARO enables young people to realize their ideas, using all the positive aspects of media technologies within a transboundary co-operational network. MAIOCLARO encourages its members to share knowledge, bringing ideas together with the necessary know-how. The special expertise of the organization lies in the organization of seminars and training courses in photography and making short films, as well as photography exhibitions.

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